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Corruption is pervasive in several countries of Central Asia, where a majority of respondents say they are either asked or are expected to pay bribes to receive public services...

If your company’s business is carried out in one of the post-Soviet Central Asian countries like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, or Turkmenistan, then

Making your corporate ethics policies understood and routinely referred to by employees at your local offices in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan is a huge challenge. Solving this challenge means getting rid of foreign corruption exposure

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Premium Program for CEO


Strong leader needs strong ethical standards. Strong ethical standards can only be ensured within proved structures of corporate governance. No big results can be achieved with poor govrnance system. Premium CEO is our exclusive Executive consultations and training program in Corporate Governance designed for individual upper level managers and small management groups.

We help our clients understand international standards of corporate governance and show them how those standards can be applied in each of their companies’ real circumstances.

Within this excellent program, we provide full introduction for Executive level managers into Corporate Governance, from “abc” to the most advanced governance structures and procedures applied in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, and Latin America.

Unlike many other corporate governance consultants we give you real life application tools. We do not overload you with lots of useless information about corporate governance. We give you only to-the-point, narrow, sharpened materials about your company's specific situation. So you have no burdensome pile of garbage materials about corporate governance with absolute no value.

Unlike other consultants we give you very extracted, hand-picked and ready to use information adapted to your company's real situation, and we provide you 100% ready appliation tools to increase value of your company. We are not trainers, we are world class level experts! We do not teach or lecture you, we try to embed high potential value into your corporate governance system by providing you absolute clear ready to use knowledge.

We challenge your current vision and understanding of corporate governance through real life situations based on your company examples. We compare your company's real situation to a real situation of world class leaders of the industry. We help you to understand all 'Why's and 'Hows' in filling gaps between your company and world leaders in your industry. Our tactics are very easy to go, not time consuming for you and not overwhelming. We do all the job directly to the point. Direct to the problem and fast is our signature words. This is very important in today's life when time is a the most important issue of all. No one can afford for luxury of quiet and endless duscussions about ever interesting corporate governance topics. Problems should be solved, value should be added - this is only measure we understand and we value in our job.

But for making it easier to digest for you we do all the job and we take all the burden. We do a huge preparation work for each Premium Program. We carry out a full scale reaserch before each program. Without such work no single program starts. Quality and best results are what we care most of all in our program.

Our goal is to prepare and inspire you for aggressive actions, which brings you real results. We never promise what we can not deliver. We pursue world class leaders level for you, and we target the highest potential value of corporate governance for your company.

Whom is this program the best fit for? This program is often a very good fit for CEOs and individual executive managers—those that deal with boards, board committees, internal audit, risk management, compliance control, and external investors.

After completing this program, our clients can handle any Corporate Governance issues at a professional level.

The program prepares them to shine at corporate governance when dealing with any internal or external stakeholders: board members, shareholders, debtors, auditors, comptrollers, regulators, compliance officers, general counsel, internal auditors, investors, etc.

What is the most important part of this program? With our Premium Executive Program, you normally become able to handle any governance related issues like most of your international peers—CEOs and executive management of companies from the USA, UK, and Europe.

You will be able to apply the most important internationally recognized methods, protocols, and standards in corporate governance and implement them within your company very successfully.

You would be able to architect your company’s governance system. You will be able to pick the most useful features of various international corporate governance standards to better fit your company needs.

Why is it so important? No single expert in the world can know your company’s needs better than you. External experts can only provide you information on existing corporate governance standards. But only you, a manager of the company, can know what this company’s actual needs are. Those needs, in fact, are changing every day. Your company’s corporate governance model should be changing at the same pace, along with your company’s changing needs.

External corporate governance experts cannot live for your company. They do their jobs, and they quit. But Corporate Governance improvement is a life-long process not a one day job. So it is not external experts, but it is you, managers of the company, who should take care of that.

Not one of the best corporate governance standards in the world can fill all the gaps. Each company’s situation is unique. And that situation is changing every day. Each company should create its own corporate governance model and revise it every time changes happen.

A correct corporate governance model will support your company’s strategic goals in the long term, which leaves you, the manager of the company, to reach those strategic goals that brings you great success.

Corporate Governance does improve business performance up to 40%. It has been proven by many solid studies. And it is you and your team who are the only ones who can make those changes happen. You cannot implement or control those changes successfully unless you—not your external experts—have reached a solid understanding of international corporate governance standards.

How does this program work? Our consultations for this program are held both online and in person. We currently provide either one-time based or 1-year based consultations/informational support and trainings.

1-year based Program is mostly important for those who want to reserve full-time access to our services during the whole year in addition to the initial trainings and consultations. Within our 1–year superior CEO Program, we provide a full spectrum of informational support, consultations, trainings, and recommendations for solving on-going problems on a rolling base during the year.

One-time based Program is very convenient if you have your own local resources to consult with after completing our program, when you would no longer need our support. Within our one-time based Program, we provide one set of corporate governance related trainings and consultations. Then we help you to keep the appropriate dynamics and provide you with all the appropriate details for that job to be done correctly.

3 month free support. Attached to this superior Premium Program is our free 3-month follow-up support. During that 3-month period we cover all on-going questions and provide truly hands-on information to make our clients more comfortable in applying Corporate Governance knowledge in their everyday life.

Our Prices. Honestly, our services are not cheap, but they are affordable and simple in structure. We do not charge per hour fees. And unlike other consultant’s charges our prices are very affordable to many smaller firms. Why? Because we do not have inflated marketing costs, extra charges for highly recognized brands and many other unnecessary costs.

We are fully project oriented. We charge for the project, not for hours. You can always see what is your costs whatever the project you do with us. Once we started working with our client our utmost goal is to bring this client's governance systems to the excellent. The only thing you can blame us - perfectionism. Yes we are perfectionists! In fact, we are proud of it. That is why we do small number of things but we do it perfectly. We provide world class services in corporate governance and compliance for affordable prices.

Which Program type should we choose? Your choice of program type may depend on your particular situation and many other unique circumstances. If you are not sure which program is the best fit for you, you may feel free to ask us. Send us your email describing your particular situation, and we can help you to choose the right program that fits your needs best.

All our live trainings and consultations within this program are usually conducted in New York City, Washington, DC, or Boston. This program is very convenient for many of our management-level clients because they get access to the ultimate source of hands-on international corporate governance information, which is absolutely critical for achieving their big goals.

Due to the highly specific status of our clients in this program, we pay exclusive attention to the expertise, background, qualification, professionalism, and credentials of our experts assigned to work on each project within this program.

All our services within this program, including our communication means, facilities, meeting venues, etc., are all of a premium level.